It doesn’t matter if you work in the office five days a week or develop your own business, at certain times you will need and want to increase your own productivity.

For many people, this is a tiresome daily job. However, there are several easy ways that will help you to be more efficient.

  1. Keep track of your time

Tracking your own time will help you better understand how much you need to complete a given task. You will also know how much time you wasted – whether you talked to your coworkers about non-work topics or mindlessly browsed social media.

According to researches, tracking your time can help you increase productivity by average 27%.

Additionally, there are many technical possibilities that help in optimizing your time. For example, not checking your mail every five minutes while waiting for an important letter, setting a sound alert to let you know when you receive an email.

There are various options to track and plan your time such as reminders both on your computer and on your phone. Do not hesitate to use them.

  1. Take a break every 90 minutes

Like most people, we are busy with our phones already on our way to work: answering emails or scrolling social media.

When we have a free second, we immediately pick up the phone again. Thus, our brain works and processes information work without stopping.

Nobody can go like this for a long time.

Our body works within a certain cycle, which is determined by the change of light and dark hours of the day. This cycle also affects sleep patterns. Our body goes from one 90 minute phase to another.

When it comes to work, cycles are also important. Nobody can work with the same efficiency for the whole 8 hours. Our brain can focus for every 90-120 minutes, and then it needs a break.

This is why it is worth planning your day in such a way as to divide it into several 90-minute phases, in between which you can take a short break. This mode will allow you to achieve maximum efficiency.

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  1. Take a nap

Yes, that’s right. According to research, sleeping for 20 minutes in the afternoon can really increase your performance.

A little sleep will allow you to freshen up, rest and recharge your brain. You will feel more relaxed.

Such sleep also prolongs life and serves as prevention of heart attacks.

4. Work with natural lightning

Studies have shown that there is a strong link between natural lighting in the workspace and quality of work, as well as quality of sleep, activity and quality of life.

According to research, employees who work in natural light sleep 46 minutes longer than those who work in artificial lighting.

In addition, such employees sleep more deeply and better, and generally feel better.

All this undoubtedly affects the efficiency of the workflow.

5. Get some fresh air

Research proves that people work more efficiently if they breathe fresh air and are surrounded by nature that stimulates creativity in work.

Unfortunately, in modern cities, it is almost impossible to work surrounded by nature.

Nevertheless, there is always an opportunity to make your work a little closer to nature. Open windows and breathe fresh air if possible. During your break, take a walk to the nearest coffee shop or just near the office.

It also helps to decorate your workplace with plants, which not only make the air fresher, but also reduce stress levels.

6. Plan your day in advance

Scheduling your day allows you to optimize the time you spend on certain tasks.

Write down the day before what you need to do tomorrow. And when you do it, your mood will definitely improve.

In addition, making plans for the day reduces anxiety and makes you more productive. It also frees up time and energy for other tasks.

7. Have lunch with friends

According to several studies, people who took their lunch breaks with friends were 36% more effective than those who dined alone. In addition, such people were 30% less stressed.

Experts note that communication with pleasant people reduces emotional stress, allows you to look at your problems from a different angle.

If you are a freelancer and work from home, then you should think about getting out of the house at least occasionally and meeting friends at lunch.

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8. Watch a YouTube video

According to research from the University of Melbourne, sometimes it helps to be a little lazy in the workplace

Their research has shown that those who occasionally allow themselves to be distracted from the work process are more productive.

When people feel like they can no longer focus on work tasks, they become distracted. Therefore, experts advise taking short breaks, during which you can watch a video on youtube or read something that has nothing to do with work.

Ultimately, these breaks will lead to increased productivity.

9. Work on one task at a time

It is difficult for our brain to process several tasks at once, thus, experts advise to focus on completing one task and only then move on to the next.

This will help you to increase efficiency. If you rush between different tasks, there is a high probability that none of them will end up being performed as efficiently as we would like, since in this mode you are more likely to overlook important details.

10. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff

Scientists at Princeton University have concluded that an excess of unnecessary things in your workspace leads to a decrease in productivity.

Our brain gets distracted by all the stuff around, which prevents us from completing the necessary tasks.

Therefore, experts advise to keep the workplace clean. All things should be in their places so that you are not distracted by the long search for the needed thing.

Mental junk also interferes with productivity.

Experts advise not just making a to-do list, but prioritizing it, highlighting the tasks that need to be done first.

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